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Main Products:The Production of Various Types of Motor Vehicles and Machine Tools

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2_141126133027_1.jpgNissan  Motor Company was founded in 1933, it is Japan's second largest car company, is one of the three Japanese car makers, is one of the world's top ten car companies. It is also the first to start making small Datsun cars and auto parts manufacturers. The addition to the production of various types of motor vehicles, is also involved in the field of machine tools, construction machinery, shipbuilding and space technology, it is a large multinational company.

Cooperation Business  Partner

Nissan & Fortech

Last few months,Nissan  & Fortech had a close cooperation in business, we provided several unique products to sell custom shape power bank or USB flash drive for Nissan, which made it gained a large popularity and branded-new reputation. Make it corporation activities and gifts more memorable, we listen to our customers and continuously improve to their satisfaction.

The continual innovation of our products, services and systems sets us apart from others in the industry. This commitment to innovation lets us provide you with the best available solutions and services, and empowers our employees with the skills, confidence and know-how to deliver your needs in a clear and concise manner.

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