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Subway is one originated in the US multinational fast food chains, the main selling sandwiches and salads by Doctor's Associates, Inc. (DAI) holds, is the world's largest and fastest expansion of single brand stores. 2007 is the world's third largest fast-food restaurant, behind Yum (34,000 branches) and McDonald's (31,000 outlets). To March 7, 2011 has surpassed Yum and McDonald's, the world's most fast food outlets, there are 34,218 rooms.

Cooperation Business Partner

Subway &  Fortech

Last year, Subway & Fortech had a close cooperation in business, we provided several unique products to sell custom shape power bank or USB flash drive for Subway, which made it gained a large popularity and branded-new reputation. Make it corporation activities and gifts more memorable, we listen to our customers and continuously improve to their satisfaction.

Fortech's people are the best and brightest in the industry, passionate about providing world-class service with genuine care and concern. Over the years we have earned a reputation within the industry for our innovation and unique focus on product quality and service.

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