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QC System of Fortech


QC System of Fortech

1, Quality Control Policy

material checkingQuality control policy is all of our department’s duty of our employees must work on quality policy. We have procedures for the implementation and monitoring of quality control, continuously updating appraisal of the quality system, we provide customers the reliable products, maintaining quality system aimed at achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Fortech's people are the best and brightest in the industry, who are passionate about providing world-class service with genuine care and concern. Over the years we have earned a reputation within the industry for our innovation and unique focus on product quality and service. Our aim is to provide high quality products to our customers and make great efforts to meet customer's needs.

2,Objective and Target

DSC_4699.jpgWe are proud of everything we produce and we hope you like it, doing our best to meet customer’s satisfaction and maintaining a level quality which enhance the company’s reputation with customers. The continual innovation of our products, services and systems sets us apart from others in the industry. This commitment to innovation lets us provide you with the best available solutions and services, and empowers our employees with the skills, confidence and know-how to deliver your needs in a clear and concise manner. What sets us apart from our customers, to be no.1 among the power bank field.


3,Implement and Operation

IMG_8399.jpgProducts inspection process by engineer and quality control committee, our company have strong responsibility to make plans of products more close customers real needs. We operate within a value of honesty and responsibility, form the foundations of every great relationship. We value the trust we have gained from our clients and employees.



4,Checking and Corrective Action

IMG_8389.jpgMonitoring and measurement in this step will impact the products, our QC department would check the products carefully, if any below grade found, we will correct what is not follow the QC system, for sure to provide the high quality products.




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